Monthly Archives: August 2010

Aaaaand… we’re back!

So, wow.

That was a completely unintended hiatus. I mean, I definitely had gotten a bit behind, and I knew I had a lot of big, time-consuming events coming up, but I did have some posts up my sleeve for that time. But then…

Ya’ll, we bought a farm. And moved. And it is glorious, just awesome beyond belief. However… there was a month-and-a-half period wherein we had no Internets. And not really any phone service, either, as we’re in a mountain valley and cell reception is rotten–I have to trek up to my “special spot” above the barn to get a call out. And eventually we were able to squeeze a landline out of the horror that is AT&T, and, after over 30 hours spent on the phone by my poor Tristan, we have internet again. We live pretty far out, and AT&T has a monopoly here–no cable, no competing services. So we were in the palm of their absolutely unconcerned hand.

But enough about that.

The farm is around 11 acres–roughly 3 of woods, the rest in rolling pasture. We have a big red barn, a good-sized little farmhouse, and more water than you can shake your booty at–one creek that comes down the mountain to meet up with Hooper’s Creek (our main creek down the valley that runs RIGHT beside the house), plus at least 3 springs. I say “at least” because we just found another one a few weeks ago. We back up to thousands of untouched acres which are pretty much undevelop-able due to its steepness, rockiness, and the ubiquitous water. It’s just amazing, and Ellery is beside herself with joy and wonderment. Swings hanging from the big old trees, chickens slowly adapting to a new free-range lifestyle, hours spent in the creek, days spent wild-turkey-watching. It’s that good.

And there will be pictures to come, I promise. It’s one of the 3843945 internet-involving things we’re behind on, you know?

Oh, and there’s obviously been some new-house-sewing done–re-jiggered curtains for Ellery’s room (she has the most wonderful view of the creek and pasture), a shower curtain, etc. And I was gifted with the most lovely spiderweb selvedge mini-quilt by the talented Ms. Kelly Marks–what a housewarming gift, right?! So, yes, pics of all to come. Promise.