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And behind curtain #2 is… daylight savings time!

So, with Daylight Savings Time wreaking its maniacal havoc on my two-year-old’s sleeping habits, heavier curtains were in order.  STAT.

She gets the beautiful evening light in her bedroom, which is only beautiful until you’re trying to get her to sleep.  After which point it becomes HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE LIGHT that should GO AWAY NOW.  It’s so hard to fall asleep with your room ablaze.

Problem is  (and yes, what a lovely problem to have), we have gigantic windows.   93 inches from window to floor, and that’s not including the transom above.  I needed lots of yardage, and cheaply, because I didn’t want to spend my precious fabric money on something as dull as light-blocking curtains.  Not when there’s Anna Maria Horner voile in the world!

Here’s my solution:

It's hard to take good pics of curtains during the day. Also at night. Please note the little rocking chair handmade by my 85-year-old great uncle for Ellery!

I don’t know how I came to the conclusion that a canvas painter’s dropcloth would be the answer, but IT WAS.  I got three 45″x93″ panels from a single large dropcloth (can’t remember the exact dimensions of the thing, but it was maybe $26?), and it was lovely to tear and sew.  But tear it fast and hard, if you go that route.  Tear it with GUSTO.

I spy scraps from a lap quilt, pajama pants, two skirts, a diaper bag, a baby dress...

Then I gussied it up with some scraps, sewn down with 5 curving rows of  stitches, which the little one loves.  She spends literally hours in my various scrap bags and bins. So the curtains have become a giant game of “I-Spy”– “Look, that’s Daddy’s pajama pants!  And my dress!  And Mama’s shirt!  And…”  Which makes them a touch more attractive to her–because she definitely knows what it means when we go to draw the curtains, and she does NOT like that one little bit.

It's embarrassing and unplanned that this matches so well.

I’d actually made the tie-backs ages ago to go with the marigold-colored sheers we’ve used up until now–I’m astonished at how put-together it all looks.  As if I planned it this way or something!  (This is how all my decorating works.  A whole host of random things just come together in the weirdest, most excellent way.)  So, I’m pretty pleased, and Ellery is as well.  What more can one ask?

Well, I suppose I should at least trim the loose threads.  Perhaps.  In a year or so.  Does anyone else get this way?  You get to the very end and can’t even be bothered to trim threads before using/wearing/hanging up?  I’m ridiculous at doing this–it happens every time.  Tell me I’m not alone?