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Minky baby blankets (or, I curse the gods of cuddliness)

A sweet little baby blanket for a sweet (and yet-to-be-born) baby.

Minky makes me want to take a nap...

The obscenely adorable owls are Michael Miller’s “Who’s Hoot?” in cream.  I got it here at my local fabric shop–they very occasionally carry some fantastic stuff!  And the Minky is a chocolate brown dot.  Mmmmm…

This is a standard baby blanket for me; one yard of quilting cotton, one yard of Minky.  Sew it, turn it, topstitch, and wham!  You’ve got a fantastically cuddly blanket that’s a nice, generous size (about 35″x42″).   If the baby’s a warm-climate resident, he/she gets a double layer of flannel instead of Minky so baby doesn’t catch afire.  My big complaint about many of the receiving and baby blankets we had with Ellery was their skimpy size.  It was dang-near impossible to swaddle an almost-9-lb newborn in them.  Much less keep her on it once she started creeping and all that.  This blanket is nice and substantial.  This blanket don’t back down.

There's that turquoise chair again, always looking so good with my stuff.

Sewing with Minky, though, continues to be a erratic beast.  Sometimes it goes beautifully and speedily.  Sometimes…  I seam rip and start again.  And again.  I don’t know why.  I do think, though, the dot and other textured Minky is a bit more temperamental than the smoother Minky.  But maybe that’s psychological on my part?  Anyone have any thoughts on working with Minky?

But the desire for the cuddliness always wins me back, even when I swear it off.  Damn you, Minky.  Damn yoooooooooooooou!