Pretty bird… quilt.

Or bird on a wire?  (The quilting is rather wire-like in effect, at least from the front.)

I had purchased this fabric a while back out of sheer affection for its graphic qualities and color scheme; so what if I didn’t have a purpose in mind?  But it screamed to be a baby quilt, and so it came to pass…

Another wonky log cabin–this time with great simplicity but with boldness of color.  The wonderfully graphic bird print is from Erin McMorris’ collection “Park Slope”–a beautiful deep marine blue with chartreuse, navy, white, and hot pink birds all in a row.  I paired it with a bright pink Kona solid and a lovely, textured-looking chartreuse cotton.  It measures 31″x42″.

The binding is an almost-solid, blue-on-blue tonal print from “Park Slope” as well; I attached it by machine and by hand.  I kept the machine quilting spare as the back is rather busy with all the birds.  And I like the subtlety against the log cabins as well.

A little pair of birds grace the back.  My husband sketched out the silhouette is about 1/8th of the time it would have taken me.  I think not caring is sometimes the key in free-handing an image, you know?   I get waaaayyy too invested and freak out about its lack of perfection.  He just DOES.  And it works.

Wonky log cabin, I love you so.  You look so good in any sort of color palette, in any scale of print.  All solids, just as divine.  Will my love affair with the wonky log cabin ever cease?

We shall see…  I have some more sorts of wonk up my sleeve.  And I might just be won over.


(If this quilt needs to be yours, head here.)


2 responses to “Pretty bird… quilt.

  1. I absolutely love the “Park Slope” line! This is a very neat quilt and I love what you did with the appliqued birds!

  2. love your wonky pillow and the bird quilt is super cool….love the scale and lines!

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